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1 down, 1 to go... surviving 14 days quarantine and excitement builds for seeing my Aussie family and friends.

1 down, 1 to go... surviving 14 days quarantine and excitement builds for seeing my Aussie family and friends.


Hi everyone!

Well I’m still here… 10 days down and 4 to go. Was struggling with what to photograph for this weeks blog - there weren’t too many options ! So decided to show you all the view that I have been staring out at for the last 10 days… not Sydney Harbour but something equally amazing - people going about their normal lives free of Covid.

I think I am going to find it really, really strange when I do leave quarantine. Like entering an alternative universe or some such - so completely different to what our lives have been like over the past year in the UK. It’s been quite strange really, watching people going about their day - sitting up here completely separated from the world around me. I’ve been trying to think of how to describe the feeling … and the only thing I can think of, is its a bit like looking out at the world through a telescope - like you do when you go up to an observation deck on a tall building… except it just goes on, and on, and on and you have no-one to turn to to say - look at that? Doesn’t that look amazing?

So as you can tell, quarantine has had its ups and downs… I have definitely decided that I am not the right personality type for this level of isolation! Routine has been my life preserver - Lots of Ab workout and Yoga YouTube videos, pacing the room getting my steps in while chatting to family and friends, and work…. Oh and binge watching Netflix… thank goodness for Netflix !

A couple of my lovely mates here in Sydney have dropped off care packages for me which has been very kind and really appreciated - except I really don’t think I need to be eating so much - but when boredom kicks in we all know about the need to feed !

It’s also amazing (and a little weird) that I’ve even learnt a new skill while I have been in here. Last Wednesday (hump day - half way through) clean bedding and towels were delivered to my room. Quick question to all of you, has anyone ever made a triple sheeted bed before? I certainly hadn’t ! In my household we have duvet covers - not sure about yours… Well, staying in a hotel they left me 3 sheets, 2 pillowcases and a uncovered duvet… this could be interesting! So Youtube came to the rescue again, and following the video instructions I successfully made my hotel bed, complete with hospital corners (thanks Mum… she showed me those years ago!). If I ever decide to open a hotel or work in one - I will now know how to make the beds … good to know.

Coming out of here is starting to feel real as well now - less time to go that what I have already done, big tick for that! Not long until I can give my parents a long awaited hug, see my not so little brother and the rest of the fam, and all my lovely Sydney mates… I. can’t. wait!

To all of you, I hope you had a terrific Mothers Day last weekend, and if you didn’t get to celebrate it with those that you love… kids, mothers, sisters and friends - that you got a chance to speak to them all and have a lovely chat if nothing else. Next blog should be a little sunnier and hopefully with a few more people around!

Take care all and will be in touch again soon. x

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