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Hi everyone! Welcome to Island Home Interiors UK

Hi everyone! Welcome to Island Home Interiors UK


I’m so glad that we can finally share our website with you all. Island Home has been a labour of love for me for almost a year now. It’s creation has taken me to China, India and Birmingham (I know exotic start … less than exotic ending.. but I do love Birmingham, and we learnt loads there!)

The idea for Island Home has been knocking around in my head for a long, long time, but motherhood and moving our family of 5 backwards and forwards between Sydney and Manchester  three times in the last ten years meant that it never quite came to fruition. Visiting my parents in their new beach home in Lemon Tree Passage NSW at Christmas time 2018, made me really start to think about it as a serious option… but as lots of us do, I stopped and thought, can I really do this?

My husband Paul… Mr Can Do, was really encouraging and with the support of him and some very special family and friends, I set to the task of making Island Home Interiors a reality. It has been such a long journey and as such I am both excited and more than a little nervous with it’s launch. I do so hope you all like it.

Covid 19’s arrival did slow our launch down a little. A few of our lovely suppliers are having a tough time with supply chain issues, which in turn affects our ability to have some of my favourite pieces available to you all right from the word go. Be assured, we will do everything in our power to have all of our products available for purchase within the next month or so… promise.

So here it is… Island Home Interiors. A little piece of my island home for you all here in the UK. Enjoy and thanks so much for visiting.

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