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Decisions, Decisions...choosing what you actually want can sometimes be trickier than you expect.

Decisions, Decisions...choosing what you actually want can sometimes be trickier than you expect.


Hi Everyone,

Hoping you are all having an ok week despite the rainy weather, I struggle with it when its like this, it has to be said - but then again I don’t think I’m alone on that one!

As you all know, we are in the midst of renovating. Upstairs is coming along well, hoping I might be able to show you some completed pictures soonish. Downstairs we will be embarking on the main part of our renovation in late October. It had been planned for July ( which would have been a lot easier …) but like most things this year, Covid intervened and we postponed. Its crunch time though, lots of decisions to be made on kitchens … to tile vs upstands and quartz splashbacks, what colour do we want the cupboards, do I want dresser units? To flooring - do we go lighter or darker? the list goes on and on.

It sounds fun in theory, we all love new things, and generally speaking I think a lot of us are pretty sure of what we like and what we don’t like. However when it comes to the crunch, and you are making expensive, years long decisions that we as a family will have to live with daily … it all becomes a little nerve wracking. I’ve always felt pretty confident in what I like and the decorating choices I make - I have a clear idea of the look that I am trying to achieve, yet I’m finding the process much harder than I expected. It doesn’t help that Paul my husband is colour blind… his answer to any colour related questions is “babe you decide” … great thanks for that. To be honest, his only concern has been related to symmetry, as long as things are symmetrical he’s happy - that still leaves a huge scope in the decision making process ! It’s also the amount of decisions involved in a large renovation, they seem endless; to the point where you end up choosing something not because you are 100% happy with it - but because its easier, and it keeps the process moving. On top of this, at the moment demand is far outstripping supply in regards to building materials… so the need to get on and choose so that you can have a long enough lead time to get your materials in time to satisfy building schedules becomes a big issue as well. No last minute changing of your mind allowed!

So, enough of the moaning… how lucky am I to be able to afford to do this in the midst of a pandemic - I know, I know stop complaining, its a good problem to have :)

Its just a matter of too many lovely choices, I’m just going to have to get more focused! At least once the main decisions are made, I get to do all the fun stuff at leisure - the styling… Stay tuned as I show you the good, the bad and the downright messy that renovating this lovely old house will be.

Have a great week guys, chat again soon ! X

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