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Visiting Oz, Tik Tok, our new Spring Summer range and a good old catchup!

Visiting Oz, Tik Tok, our new Spring Summer range and a good old catchup!


Hi Everyone!

Long time no speak… apologies for not blogging in what has literally been ages. No excuses, just the usual busy ,busy and all that - plus a little procrastination thrown in for good measure.

Hope you are all well, and that your 2023 has had a positive start. Mine was wonderful, with my husband Paul & I and our three kids visiting family and friends in Sydney for the first time together since 2018. I think my parents were blown away with how tall our youngest Sophie was - she had only been in primary school when last they had seen her! There was lots of laughter, hugs and a few happy tears… so sad that as I write this we have been home in the UK for over a month now, but lots of happy memories made. I took the picture above sitting with my morning cuppa on our balcony overlooking Tamarama Beach before we left, to remind me that although the view isn’t always quite so stunning, any day is made better after a natter and a cup of tea!

Georgia our eldest daughter had also made me join BeReal, in order to keep in contact with her while she is away at Uni - this photo above was one of my first attempts! Still a bit rubbish at doing it everyday (you are suppose to apparently) but at least I am giving it a go.

Speaking of giving something a go - Island Home is now on Tik Tok as well (this being prompted by my young and far too cool work experience gal Katie recently - thanks Katie :)). I would love it if any of you who read my blog could befriend islandhomeuk if you are looking for someone else to follow. I will be posting some rather scary blog videos of me talking through some of our latest looks (please be kind… I am a little terrified !) very soon, so keep an eye out!

Finally, after lots of hard work we bring you our new Spring/Summer 2023 range. Lots of gorgeous new furniture, homewares and accessories for you to discover. We have tried to look at both a classic and more contemporary take on coastal Sydney style. Our Bundanoon range is similar to the Hamptons range that has been so very popular for us. The main difference is the wood colour which is far more grey wash than the natural bleached Hamptons. It also has a matt lacquer top coat (which looks like a wax finish) that may work better if you have little ones around a lot with sticky fingers ! Our new Noosa range just reminds me of visits “up north” - in my case as a kid that was visits to Queensland not Manchester! Its natural bleach wood and rattan fronted drawers and doors just talks tropics, swaying palms and white sand beaches to me. So hope you like them!

Anyway, I really look forward to showing it all to you soon via my video blogs. Until next time, take care, enjoy the beginning of warmer weather (fingers crossed x) and I will be in touch again soon!

Thanks for listening.

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