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Holidays, school results and getting back to normal.

Holidays, school results and getting back to normal.


Hi everyone,

Sorry its been a while since you last heard from me. Its been a busy time here in the Barnes house, which I know is the case in many of your households too!

Kicking off the month of August, we headed to Corfu. To say it was a little touch and go that we would even get there at all was an understatement, with Covid 19 restrictions for UK travellers in place in Greece until only 2 weeks before we travelled. The travelling experience itself was a little daunting, but once there it was well and truly worth it. I had last visited Corfu as a young Australian backbacker in the 90’s and I was a little worried that it would not live up to my memories of the island. Thankfully that wasn’t the case, and Corfu remains the lovely Greek island of my youth. all tiny village hamlets sitting precariously on rocky shorelines, overlooking beautiful pebbled beaches. It was however, very quiet for August, which for us who always tend to travel in school holidays when things are usually pretty busy, was lovely for a change. We stayed in Kalami the quiet, friendly Greek village where the Durrells, including Laurence and Gerald, lived and wrote. You can now stay and dine at their amazing house on the waterfront in the village - worth a stop, if you are ever in the neighbourhood!

Never one to miss a chance for a good photo, I took our Tago range of bedding with me. The photos for our summer sale were taken at Barbati beach, very early one morning. The light was absolutely perfect and it didn’t hurt that it was very quiet (Georgia at 16 finds my random photo taking embarrassing at the best of times, so lucky there were very few people around!) I think they capture Tago well, I hope you all think so too. Lastly and unexpectedly, our eldest son Jack decided to meet us over there for the end of our stay, which was a great way to end the holiday, all of us together - who knows when next we will get the opportunity.

All too soon as is the way with holidays, it was time to come home. The end of August was filled with receiving exam results in our house. Jack completed his Extended Level 3 Btec, and Georgia GCSE’s. It’s always a nerve wracking time, but with all the upheaval this year, it was even trickier. We are still navigating what choices Jack will now take post- school, Covid and all that it entails may mean a complete change of tack for him. Georgia’s results were what she hoped for, and she heads into A levels confident which is great. Sophie our youngest is heading back into Year 8, it will be an interesting year for her too with only having completed such a short time at her new High School last year. I just hope this year she gets to settle in a little better.

So as of next week, after over 5 months of us all living, studying, working and being together all the time, the girls will be off back to school and Paul back to the office. It will seem very quiet.

I’m looking forward to it though… as I’m sure many of you all are who have kids heading back to school, husbands heading back to the office. Enjoy a few moments of peace if you get it, I know I’m hoping to.

Take care and speak to you soon!

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