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Introducing Island Home Styling Service

Introducing Island Home Styling Service

Hi everyone, 

You must have been wondering if I was every going to put pen to paper again... sorry its been so long since last I have written. Things at Island Home have been pretty busy, and as you all are likely doing yourselves; juggling work and home responsibilities means we never have a moment for those things we love to do (& speaking to you all is definitely one of those things for me!).

So, really hope you are loving our new furniture ranges that we have put together for you all this Spring/Summer 2024. My favourite is Australian Hamptons - love, love it! It has that classic white, criss-cross pattern so synonymous with coastal style. While our Coastal range features a wood and white washed base combo - which really helps if you are trying to combine a new coastal aesthetic with key treasured pieces you just can't part with. 

We have tried, as we always do, to keep our look consistent and to give you pieces that all work well together to help you create a seamless coastal style in your own homes. Recently though, I have had a few of our customers contact me asking if we offer a styling service, not previously something that we offered. I am happy to announce that we now do offer this service to our clients and customers. So if you are one of those people who just isn't sure how to create the look that you want, or for that matter are just too busy with the other million and one tasks that you need to fit into your day and as a result, rooms look half done or just never get started... then we are here to help !

This week on our socials we are showcasing some of the interior styling jobs we have previously undertaken - Lots of before and after shots which going back through as I have done this week - I had forgotten just what a job some of these rooms were, but what an amazing transformation we have been able to achieve!

I really hope that they give you inspiration to muck in and start creating your own transformations, but for those of you eager but unsure... that's what we are here for. 

Home Styling can be as simple as a new coat of paint, adding a few new key pieces and upcycling some special family treasures, in order to create the look you are after, or it may involve more heavy lifting by builders and tradesman - we can help you with whatever is required, be it a big job or small.

Interiors shouldn't always be about the latest "on trend" purchase - it should be about how you feel in your favourite space - how that space reflects how you like to live, and it should be functional as well as beautiful - that's what we will work to create for you should you decide you need our help.

We are offering for the rest of May and June 20% off our new Home Styling Service, so if its something that you have been meaning to do... but like me, struggle to get around to - maybe now is the time to contact us? 

The easiest way to do that is via our contact page which you can access via our new Home Styling page or through the general contact page on our website. So on that note I am going to sign off. Promise I won't leave it so long until I write again! Enjoy this lovely Spring weather we are having everyone & speak soon :)



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