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Me and my shadow... how our lovely pets keep us sane through hard times.

Me and my shadow... how our lovely pets keep us sane through hard times.


Hi everyone,

Hoping your week isn’t going too badly, and you’ve had a chance to get out there and enjoy all that Autumn colour I was banging on about in my last blog! I’ve made sure to embarrass Georgia as much as possible with my constant Oooing and Ahhhing about how pretty it all looks.

Its been a tough few months for all of us, and most especially for us living in the north. Here in Manchester Covid has truly taken hold of our community, and as a result we have been struggling with isolation from dear friends and family for some time. We all know its for the best, and that by doing so we are saving lives, but on a daily basis, when you haven’t been able to see people very often, if at all, it can be really hard.

After years working in careers that meant I was surrounded by people all of the time, I now find myself, like a lot of us, working from home. Its got its good points, like a slightly longer sleep in the mornings due to no commute, being here when the kids leave for school and come home in the afternoons, and getting ahead with the laundry. The big downer is not seeing people… not popping out for a quick sandwich with a work colleague, or sharing a funning comment across your desks. Yes, you still speak to people on the phone (I’m never off it !) and you have Teams meetings and Zoom… but its not the same really…

My number one work colleague, lunchtime companion, website super model, and all round daytime sounding board on all the minutae of my day is now… Milo.

Milo (named after the malted Australian chocolate drink) is our 3 year old Cavalier King Charles x Cocker Spaniel. He came to live with us after we moved back permanently from Sydney in 2017, and has completed our family. He is everyone’s best mate (especially if you have cheese in your hand or the dog lead) , and is the constant source of amusement in our family during these trying times. No matter how hard the day has been, how rubbish the news is - it always helps when Milo plonks himself on your lap angling for an ear scratch. As I write this today, he is sitting at my feet snoring away contentedly, which is so lovely, and makes me feel far less alone when plugging away with work.

I think Covid, and the loneliness we all are feeling can only be helped by our faithful, furry friends. They’re great with a secret, never answer back and always and unequivocally love us, and that’s kinda what we all need a little of at the moment.

So if you are feeling the love for your favourite furry family member, and want to spoil them a little this festive season, why not have a look at our gorgeous dog bed/floor cushions in our soft furnishings department. They are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles (so you are doing your bit for the environment at the same time - double tick !) and are the perfect place for them to sit and snooze on, (when they aren’t sitting on your lap of course). They come in 2 sizes and 2 colours, denim and natural, so would go brilliantly with lots of Coastal/Country decor - prices start at £76.00 and come complete with recycled internal fill cushion as well.

So, on that cheery note I will be thinking of you all over this weekend as Manchester goes into Tier 3 restrictions. Stay safe, stay well, and remember to keep smiling. Milo is helping me to do the latter, hope your furry mates are doing that for you too!

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