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Spanish reunions, Marbella beach inspo & our new Noosa collection

Spanish reunions, Marbella beach inspo & our new Noosa collection

Hi everyone, 

Welcome to my first blog on our new and improved website! So hope you are enjoying taking a look around, checking out our new collections and having a much easier all round experience purchasing through us. 

Its been a busy few weeks here for us with the website launch, visiting our home in Spain and catching up with old friends.

A lot of people ask how I met my husband Paul who is English. Well as the story goes "we met on a mountain in South America"... and yes, I mean that literally!

30 Years ago later this year, while backpacking through Peru to be exact. I was travelling with 2 girlfriends from University, Paul with his brother and 3 friends from work. It was one of those - it was fate moments that sometimes happen to people, but this time it happened to us. A day here or there, and we would never have met, which given that we have now been happily married 25 years & have 3 gorgeous kids to boot, would have been a bit of a  life changer for us both!

Recently we were able to catch up with a few of the crew that we were travelling with at that time (some of which had not seen each other since that trip almost 3 decades ago!). It took a bit of co-ordination, and 9 months of planning, but we got 5 of the original gang back together from opposite sides of the world for a long weekend of laughs, sangria, old photos (the type you used to print not store on your camera!), and fond memories. 

While staying in Estapona, I wanted to introduce them to my favourite beach hangout in Marbella - Luuma. I get a lot of inspiration from the decor of this gorgeous little restaurant on El Rosario Beach. It's all open to the elements, bleached, stripped back furniture, natural textures, tropical plants and dappled sunlight through the overhead canopy. I personally do not think there is anything better than sitting at your dining table, feet squishing into cool sand with a Sangria in hand, looking out to sea. I will showcase some of their amazing beach style in some of my posts this week so that you too can be inspired!

Our new Noosa Collection has the same classic tropical feel to that of the Luuma decor. Using natural stripped back wood finishes with rattan fronted cabinets and drawers, its worth considering if you are looking to replicate this look (unfortunately the blissful beach view doesn't come with each 2 door cabinet - total shame.)

We are offering a 10% discount on this new range as well as our more classic styled Bundanoon collection at the moment. Use GET10 discount code at checkout to secure this for your purchase. 

So guys, as always its so lovely to chat with you all. Take care, enjoy this lovely weather we are having and hope to hear from you all soon!

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