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Summer Holidays, Family visits and Lancashire Life !

Summer Holidays, Family visits and Lancashire Life !

HI Everyone, 

Hope you are all enjoying your summer holidays as you read this blog; that you are all sitting somewhere in the sunshine, with your favourite drink in hand, relaxing and enjoying a well earned break!

Its been a busy few months for us here at Island Home. We have changed our website platform, in an effort to make using our little shop online easier - so I am really hoping that this has been the case for you all (please let me know via our contact page on our website or social media DM's if not - we truly value the feedback!). We have also added Trustpilot to the site, so again, we really value any feedback that you can give us on our service & products so if you get a chance to give us a review it would really be appreciated! 

On top of that, I've had our 2 oldest kids Jack and Georgia arrive home for the summer from Uni, and my lovely Mum and Dad visiting for 3 months from Australia. Life has become a bit hectic as we have gone from a family of 3 (and Milo our dog of course!) to a family of 7, virtually overnight. Plus, with our eldest 2 home, there has been the usual mates around & boyfriends visiting so dinner time has been more than a little crazy! The constant "who's here for dinner ? is it 7 or 8 or 9 ? " I've been know to shout from the kitchen around 4 pm - Barbies have been a favourite, or when the weather was bad - Paella for 10? Whatever fills them up really. It's been all hands to the pump on more than one occasion, and pulling out a few sofa beds on others - but we have always had somewhere for the extras to sleep, and actually, although its more work, I wouldn't wish it away for anything - I love the house noisy and busy and full of those that I love. 

Finally, just to add to the melee, our lovely old house, Milo and I have featured in Lancashire Life Magazine August edition (on sale now). It was a little last minute, so again - all hands to the pump to get the house ship shape for photographs; but I think if you get a chance to read the article and flick through the beautiful pictures taken by Kirsty Thompson (big thank you Kirsty, as you have made our home look amazing) it might give you some inspo on how to use some of our lovely Island Home products in your home too. If you can't get hold of a copy of Lancashire Life where you are, you can read the article via our website. While there, I would suggest checking out our summer sale which is now on - so not only are we attempting to give you some summer inspiration this month, but a discount as well!

So, think that just about covers our summer so far... I really hope you are enjoying yours as well wherever you are. Lets hope August treats us to some lovely weather, and I will give you another update soon! Take care all x 


See our interactive flipbook of the Lancs Life article here.

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