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Making the concept a reality... like suspending a swing chair and other mishaps of decorating.

Making the concept a reality... like suspending a swing chair and other mishaps of decorating.


This week, I have had quite a lot of interest from you all about a post I did last weekend for our Tago bedding range. Called “A nostalgic nod to my 70’s childhood…Chenille makes a comeback!” I have had messages and emails regarding wall colour ( thanks Mollie), and where I got the wall art from at the back of the bedframe… to comments about how calm and inviting the room looked, and a few orders for the Tago range featured. It’s been lovely, and nice to know that you guys like the look that is Island Home.

I thought this week I would regale you with the tale of getting that ceiling suspended chair in place. What a nightmare ! I know I can prattle on a bit, but bear with me, there is a reason for my tale…

So, there’s me with this great idea of going all 70’s in my daughter Georgia’s room … but in what I thought was a subtle way incorporating macrame, some chenille bedding and some cool slightly psychedelic wall art. So online I went - found what I was after and bought it (as we all do!) . When the chair arrived, my long suffering DIY husband Paul was left with the challenge of getting it not only hanging from our 12 ft ceilings … but safely hanging, as it was likely to have multiple teenage girls swinging from it at any given time. So, off up into the ceiling he went. Little did we know (as this was our first big project since buying the house) that the current ceiling wasn’t the original ceiling to our 1830’s Georgian House. This ceiling was suspended from the old ceiling which had been even higher at some point… oh dear…

It turned out to be a long, slightly dodgy for Paul (he spent a period alone in our loft space suspending himself from the old ceiling trying to reach the new!) and fiddly undertaking. The picture of Paul and I at the start of this post is post hard-graft in loft, trying to get the final attachments right on this side of the ceiling (Saturday afternoon and Georgia’s room is a mess in the background !). In the end though, it looks fab… more than fab, just what I wanted for the room and well worth (although maybe Paul would have a different take on that) the hassle.

I have seen many an afternoon and evening of Georgia and a friend swinging peacefully from it listening to music or looking at Instagram, and on the odd ocassion, when the house is quiet and they are all at school (pre-lockdown of course). I have been known to take a cuppa up there and do a little of my own contemplation while swinging peacefully by the window.

So, that’s quite a long and around about way of saying, that not all room design ideas easily take shape, but with a little elbow grease ( and possibly having someone, or maybe yourself be a dab hand at DIY), even the toughest jobs are usually worth it! So, glad you all like the room… stay tuned as the renovation of our big old house continues…

btw, if you fancy the swing chair in your home I bought it from Wish … I think it was about £60 ? In the photo above, the chair has our Tago cushion and Seaforth cotton quilt on it, just to add some extra comfiness. x

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