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The sun is finally returning, long weekends by the coast and introducing our new & improved website!

The sun is finally returning, long weekends by the coast and introducing our new & improved website!

HI everyone,

Hoping you are all enjoying the return of some lovely sunny weather finally! After what was a drippy old April in our neck of the woods, its been just joyous to see the blossom returning to the trees in our garden and village. I remember when I first arrived in the UK one of our first English neighbours said to me that her favourite time of year is Spring, as you literally get a chance to watch the world make up.

Growing up in Sydney, the difference between the seasons was subtle, and although I miss the sunshine throughout the long winter months living here in England, I do finally understand the wonder that is Spring here, and that very obvious transformative change that happens all around us as my neighbour very rightly pointed out - our world wakes up.

Also, hoping you enjoyed the first of what is to be 3 (lucky us) long weekends this May. Close friends, Paul, Sophie our youngest daughter and various family dogs (including our very own supermodel Milo) headed out for a coastal walk on Monday. The sun shone, the sky - although cloudy at first turned blue, and we had the most fantastic picnic lunch and walk, followed by a quintessentially English fish and chips dinner and ice cream for dessert ! I have recently uploaded a reel with some of the pictures from the day (the North Star boat one being my absolute favourite) with a reminder to all my Island Home customers and friends to get out there this weekend and enjoy our gorgeous coastline. (Lets hope the weather plays ball !)

With this being our busiest time of year, we decided to give our website a bit of a facelift recently and the final result of that will be available for you all to view next week (fingers crossed). We realised that for a lot of our customers, although we have always received amazing feedback on our photographs and styling, our website was at times tricky to decipher !

We truly hope that you find our new format, which has far more information on our products as well as drop down menu’s that you can use to say, search for something particular or re-create our signature looks and styles in your own home - makes our products more easily accessible and the process of purchasing from us simpler and more streamlined.

We would of course love any feedback you can give us on the new look, with contacting us either via our new and improved website or our social media platforms on Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest @islandhomeuk the easiest way to do this.

Take care, enjoy all our extra days off this May & I look forward to hearing from you all soon ! :)



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