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Thinking of Dads on Fathers Day

Thinking of Dads on Fathers Day


Certain days of the year I really miss living close to my Mum and Dad. One of those is Fathers day. Yesterday we celebrated as a family very quietly at home with my husband Paul. Sophie made a cake, and now being allowed to “bubble” with Paul’s Mum Carol,, we had the treat of heading to her house which is close by and having a slap up Sunday roast dinner with her. The loss of Paul’s father 5 years ago is keenly felt on these occasions too… so we remembered him fondly as we tucked into Winberry Pie (his favourite) followed by Sophie’s cake (I was stuffed !). It was a lovely day.

Living so far away from family is always hard, but in the middle of a pandemic those miles seem to multiply. Planned trips which keep us all positive, and give us a time frame to being together again are put on hold. Phone calls take on a new significance, and Facetime has become a bit of a must in our household, as I think it has become in lots of yours as well. Fathers don’t have to be 12,000 miles away like mine to have been missed yesterday. You may have missed out on seeing yours as well for the same reason or maybe you just wanted to be extra careful of your Dad and stay away to keep him safe from Covid. Whatever the reason, let’s just remember Dads here today, and hope that next year things will be a little brighter, and fingers crossed more of us can spend it together.  

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