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A whole new level of messy...

A whole new level of messy...


Hi everyone!

Hope this blog finds you all well, and starting to feel a little merry with Christmas just around the corner (we have never needed it more). If I am to be honest, Christmas decorating has been fairly minimal in the Barnes house this year - especially on the inside (my husband Paul has gone all out on the outside of the house to compensate!). I think the above picture may give you a little clue as to why that is?? The renovations have gone to a whole new level of messy. This photo was taken last week, and I am happy to report that things have improved somewhat since it was taken - but it’s fair to say that I don’t predict we will be out of the messy stage pre-Christmas unfortunately. Last week ,while feeling pretty down about missing out on a planned Christmas in Oz with my family this year - I did think our lovely builders had taken pity on me and were planning to dig me there instead!

We have found some lovely treasures though, it was amazing to discover there had been a fire at some point in the early 20th century, as well as 3 layers of flooring under the one we knew of in the kitchen - a 1930’s Terracotta tiled floor, we then went lower and found a Victorian style herringbone floor under that, and then finally the original 18th century stone flag flooring ( sadly someone had taken a sledge hammer to it at some point). We realised that the fireplace had indeed been on the other side of the kitchen to where it is now, and as luck would have it we even found a completely intact 18th century clay pipe that still smelled of the tobacco that had once been smoked in it. I like to imagine the chap who built the foundations of the house, stopping for a break and enjoying a nice sit and a pipe somewhere around where we found it.

The ghosts of our lovely house came out to visit, and for me and our builders it has been a voyage of discovery. I plan to keep a few of our better finds and the odd piece of decoration (including one of the pressed plaster tiles from the kitchen ceiling) and display them - blending the old with the new, and keeping the history of our home alive.

We have also realised that the room we have created from what was originally a large reception room, hallway and kitchen - is really really big! We have joked that we could have a go at ten pin bowling ,play 5 a side rugby or take up ballroom dancing its so long… lets hope the kids plan on hanging around for a while ! I know once we turn the corner from messing up to cleaning up and actually building something, it will all fall into place… I literally can’t wait.

So, think that just about covers my renovation update - On the decorating front, if you are in the process of Christmas decorating, why not take a look at Island Home’s Christmas decorations range? We have some lovely festive foliage to add to our year round foliage collection (think Kuta Vase with a sprinkle of festive silver) as well as the most gorgeous bleached wood festive star, which would look good literally anywhere, and works perfectly with our stone candle holders, lamps and artichokes.

So, enjoy the excitement that is the run up to Christmas and I will be back on the blog really soon!

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