} Sand, sun, sunsets... family and friends and new beginnings for Island – Island Home Interiors
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Sand, sun, sunsets... family and friends and new beginnings for Island Home.

Sand, sun, sunsets... family and friends and new beginnings for Island Home.


Hi everyone!

Firstly, apologies for taking so long to write to you all again. Its been a whirlwind month or so, but I’m now landed back in blighty and life is beginning to get back to normal whatever that is these days!

The 14 days of quarantine that I wrote to you last about from Sydney were definately worth it. Seeing my parents, family and friends - for the first time in over 2 years for most of them, was just amazing. They are having a far different experience than all of us are having here during the pandemic - Covid very much supressed within the wider community in Australia, so I was able to hug, and kiss whoever I wanted, all a little strange at first, but I didn’t take much getting used to !

I spent most of my time up in the quiet little coastal hamlet of Lemon Tree Passage, where my parents now live, walking the beach, lots of chats to my Mum and Dad - a few G&T’s watching the sun go down at the bottom of their road (my favourite spot was in the photo above, swinging on the rope chair off a tree branch that sits over the bay… nothing like watching the sunset from there!). It was lovely, and very peaceful and just nice to spend time with them, something I don’t get to do very often.

A week in Sydney - rounded off the trip, catching up in a hectic whirl of visits to the rest of the clan and all my old mates from school, Uni and lifelong friends made at the school gate when Jack, our son started Kindergarten all those years ago.

As I don’t get to go home very often at the moment, I wanted to look into bringing some authentic Australian brands onto our store. So, while in Sydney I sourced some brand new Aussie suppliers for you guys! I am so pleased to now stock Paloma Living Australia’s beautiful linen cushion range, and Cabana Lifestyle Australia’s original waterproof tote. Check them out in our online store, we have plenty in stock and I think they will add a really touch of coastal sunshine to your home and lifestyle.

On that note, and as this blog has already taken far too long to post - I will say bye for now.. hoping that we get that sunshine we have been promised soon !

Take care everyone. x

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