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What To Expect

Interior Styling client options

Home Styling

How it works and what to expect:

Initial Consultation – We meet with you to really get to know you and your home! It’s our job to understand where you are now, and what you are hoping to achieve when our styling is completed. We will:

•Discuss your needs, budget and requirements •Your style concept •Your lifestyle – how you want to live in your space •What you like and dislike in styling, furniture and décor


The Styling Report

This report will give you a complete run down of what we are proposing for your styling update. This can include:

The major changes we suggest for the area to be styled.

Additional/replacement furniture shopping list from Island Home & other suppliers we deal with.

We offer suggestions for upcycling essential items and family heirlooms for you. 

Moodboards, samples, and 3D model rendering if wanted (additional cost).

Styling and Sourcing

Once we have agreed on the changes and purchases suggested in the report, we will begin sourcing furniture and décor. We can offer building and décor solutions as well through our own reputable
contacts and depending on your budget can manage this process for you too. We always suggest starting with one room, then if you are happy with the results – we can move onto other rooms, ours is a completely flexible service. Once any decluttering or hard decorating is completed we can then arrange for delivery of your new furniture and accessories, completing the styling and decorating as previously discussed. Once you are happy with the positioning of furniture and décor, we can add those finishing touches which brings the whole look together – adding those
personal pieces, be they in their original or upcycled condition, back into the
picture – creating your own personal styled room.


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